2016 Sailing Program Review (presented at the annual meeting 8/20/16)

I want to thank our Instructors: Whit Chaplin for teaching rowing, and Luke Encarnation and Tallulah Newlin for the sailing program.  All of them had a firm grasp of what they needed to teach and how to have fun in the process, as well as in the case of sailing, a good sense of keeping boats orderly, creativity in the face of excessive winds and safety.

At the end of July and the beginning of August we needed two beginner classes. Tallulah’s school sports program started Aug 2, and we were grateful Skye Baldwin Howard was able to help out for a week in August before our numbers dropped precipitously. Also thanks to Graham Bright for teaching an adult, as well as giving two motorboat handling lessons to a teenager.

Thanks also to Courtney for getting the Opti and Turbo 420 floats out there and Josh Gray for his care of the Turbo hulls Joe Merrill for storing the masts and Clayton Bright for storing the 420 sails and  Opti hulls, sails and other equipment. A HUGE thanks to Caroline Sholl for the new improved web site: LCYC-CSEF.org. Also thanks to Drew Sholl for helping rig the 420’s and repair the Opti tillers.  And to Paul Thorman and Mark Frenald for loaning their trucks to transport Optis at the beginning and end of the season. The community good will is really helpful to our program.

Number  still somewhat down a bit due to the natural attrition of advanced students, though I will admit that we are losing students earlier to working on lobster boats and at Boatworks.

36 participants : 1 adult sailing, 1 non-sailing teen motorboat, 14 rowers, 23 junior sailors of which

15 beginners (of which 3 also rowed)

5 Intermediate

3 advanced.

The pipeline is looking good!

The Islesford Open and the Shirey Junior Skipper Race were held back to back on Thursday, August 11, just outside of Islesford’s Hadlock Cove.  In the Islesford Open Nick Newlin with crew Pearl Tolliver-Shaw sailing Twinkle came in first;  Joel Collier with his wife Ann and children Claire and Matthew were second in Bird of DawningAnjigami, a Great Cranberry Bullseye with David Encarnation, Katherine Graven, Carolyn and Robbie Ward came in third; Desi Sinnott and Skye Howard were fourth in Kotick.  Then the junior members took over the helm for the Shirey Junior Skipper Race.  The race results of the Bullseyes were in the same order, but the skippers were Pearl Tolliver-Shaw, Claire Collier, Carolyn Ward, and Desi Sinnott.  Congratulations to all the sailors!

We held two Seamanship regattas this year which focused on the skills necessary for motorboat use – essential knots for tying up and for towing, how to chose where to dock a boat on a float, and a hands on anchoring experience.  It was a popular event.

Congratulations to Claire Collier for winning the Bright Merrrill Bowl, and to Pearl Tolliver-Shaw for winning the Zukerman bowl.  Both girls clearly enjoyed sailing.

Since a couple of adults indicated interest in learning more about motorboats we are in discussion about getting someone from US Sailing who teaches a two day (both on water and classroom time) motorboat class next year.  If you or anyone you know is interested please contact me.

Our intention is to have more Boatworks interaction next year in combined classes, both a navigation class and a session on the concept of how a boat sails in relation to hull design.

 Along with losing advanced students we have temporarily lost our in-house/on island supply of instructors.  Tallulah will be instructing during the 4 weeks of July, but I need another instructor for the entire summer as well as one for the first three weeks in August.  I have a call in to Wells Bacon for help finding one from MDI high school.  If any of you have family members who are interested in instructing next year please talk to me after the meeting.

Overall the program continued to be successful and I look forward to watching our young group progress next year.