LCYC spring letter 2016                                                                                               

The lilacs are out and remind me that summer is just around the corner, so I am writing my annual letter regarding the sailing program.

We have dabbled with the Great Harbor Dream so far, but this winter after conference calls with the participating yacht club organizers, we will continue with the advanced class will participate twice a week mixing with the other sailors from NEH, MDI, and Seal Harbor on Mondays and Tuesdays. I need to register each sailor individually so families aren’t paying the weekly fee. Please make sure you fill out all forms completely so I have all the info necessary. Please read the Sailing Program Schedule carefully. If we must tow boats at any point the start times may change. Note our two-sided waivers for our students. (We have an adult version as well, since we are encouraging adults to try out our 420s on Friday afternoons.)

I have also worked with Tony Archino of Islesford Boatworks, and now any Beginners involved in Boatworks will have priority for the Beginner A class so they can make both Boatworks sessions. Intermediate are also now synced on classes.

Older students who still want to sail: there are crewing spaces available in Luders and IOD’s.  Please contact Drew Hopkins at NEHSS 276-5101 for opportunities to race in the Friday & Sunday Luders Series, Monday & Saturday IOD Series, and various Cruising Class races..

Luke Encarnation will be our head instructor, and Tallulah Newlin will be joining Luke instructing Beginners and Intermediates in July. Luke has been trained in the Small Boat Instructor Level I Course under the auspices of the U.S. Sailing Association. In addition, they both have taken a Motorboat safety course, as well as CPR and First Aid training. Rowing classes will be organized in July and will be taught by Whit Chaplin. Please let me know if you or a friend has children (ages 4-7 generally) who are interested.

We are going to continue to hold races on Wednesdays for a combined Intermediate and Advanced class as well as for any adults wanting to join in.  We tend to race any of the classes of boats - including our new 420’s - we have available depending on wind and participation. (Don’t worry adults, you won’t be sailing Optis.) As always, we rely on volunteers to help with our races, and those who are willing to let their Bullseyes and Mercuries be used for this purpose.  Anyone interested in racing should let me, the instructors or, better yet, the race committee know (Eleanor Bright, Joe Merrill and the instructors).

Once again this year I will be sending TEXTS when I need to contact you about changes to the schedule, races, or other events. Please let us know if we can text you and give us your cell number!

You will find the forms plus waivers containing this year’s schedule and fees here. The program starts on July 4 after the picnic, continuing through August 18th, with the year end picnic on Friday Aug. 19.

Continuing in our transition to a 501(c)3 organization, we have different membership levels to keep our program running.  All membership of the LCYC-Community Sailing & Education Foundation are tax deductible. Your support is greatly appreciated. Please fill out the sailing program forms, and return these forms to me along with payment in full to reserve your spot. It is very hard to organize classes when I don’t receive the forms until the day before you want your child in a class.

If you have questions about your child’s level, contact me.  Last year our beginner classes filled up quickly, and although we are going to offer two beginner classes, they still fill quickly.  We look forward to hearing from you and to a warm and breezy sailing season.

Thinking of Islesford,


Starr Cummin Bright  |  1399 Doe Run Road, Coatesville, PA 19320  |   After June 15: P.O. Box 288 Islesford, ME 04646

Anytime, for any concerns, including scholarship funds for LCYC classes: