Friends of LCYC-CSEF,

The 2015 season was a groundbreaking year in the evolution of our beloved LCYC. In the first year as a tax-exempt non-profit, our organization thrived both programmatically and financially with abundant numbers of participants and many generous donations. Thanks to all of you, we are in a strong position from which to build an even more dynamic and fun program for our island community. Our mission remains…“To transform island youth’s lives through the enjoyment of sailing; stimulating self discovery and building self confidence through engaged learning.” 

During this 2016 season, we hope to further develop our fun and interactive program by offering additional seamanship lessons, and introducing some adult classes as well. By so doing, we hope to attract more of the island inhabitants and teach them the skills they will need for a lifetime of sailing adventures. Starr continues her strong program leadership. And with the return of our lead instructor, Luke Encarnation, we are poised for another successful season. Starr will be sending out program and class offerings later this month.

As we did last year, we ask for your generous donations in order to supplement the revenues generated from our sailing program fees.  Additionally, we are hoping to solicit donations for a few capital expenditures. These include a LCYC mooring at Baker’s Island and a used Bullseye. Longer term, we would like to build enough capital to replace our old chase boat and engine which have served us well over the years, but are aging fast.

Any level of donation, as outlined below, will designate membership to our wonderful organization and will be 100% tax deductible.

Suggested Membership Levels:
$100               Crew Level   
$250               Skipper’s Level       
$500               Admiral’s Level      
$1,000         Old Salt’s Level

Thank you so very much for your generosity and support.  Your contribution will add significantly to the quality of programming and to the enthusiasm we hope to instill into each participant.

On a personal note, I want to recognize the lifelong contributions made to the LCYC by one of my favorite people, Twinkie Smith, who passed away this fall. A past Commodore, Treasurer, Secretary, one of the founding members of the LCYC, and most importantly, sailing enthusiast, Twinkie is remembered fondly and will be missed dearly.  

I look forward to seeing everyone on the islands in the coming months!

Most Sincerely,

Joe Merrill

Joseph W. Merrill

LCYC-CSEF Executive Committee: Jenny Bright, Dennis Encarnation, Minerva Skeith, Eleanor Bright, Starr Cummin Bright, Joe Merrill
Program Director: Starr Cummin Bright

The LCYC-Community Sailing & Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. No goods or services are provided in exchange for your generous financial donation. Our tax ID# is: 46-2308488.

Please return your contribution to: 
Jenny Bright Zimmerman
Treasurer, LCYC-CSEF
840 Micheltorena Street
Los Angeles CA 90026


LCYC-CSEF Operational and Capital Needs 2015


Program Director:  In years past, the sailing program fees paid for nearly 80% of the operational expenses, with dues revenue covering the remainder. The ability to balance our accounts in this manner was only made possible by the generous (and significant) volunteer time donated by Starr.  This year, after 10 years of volunteering her services to be our Program Director, the Executive Committee has voted to compensate Starr for her organizational time, commitment, and leadership that is critical to the success of our program.  Obviously, fundraising will need to increase in order to cover this new expense. 

Great Harbor Dream:  The partnership with the Great Harbor Dream is still being developed.  Top-flight instruction will again be provided to our Advanced Sailing Class through this program in 2015.  While costs associated with this program are still being ironed out, we do anticipate paying a fee for participating two days a week. 

Scholarship:  Over the past number of years, the LCYC has been fortunate to be in a position to provide families in financial need the ability to participate in the sailing program through the disbursement of scholarship funding.  Thank you to those who have given so generously to this outreach effort.  Through your kindness, some families were able to enroll more than one child.  Quite a great thing!  This year will be no different, and the ability to expand scholarship participation is a goal of the organization.

Total tax-deductible donations needed to meet Ongoing Operational Expenses: $15,000


Our chase boat, Wharf Rat, that is used by the program every day to shuttle students to/from boats, serves as the platform for instruction, and allows instructors to commute to/from Islesford, is in need of a new engine.  Presently, the boat is powered by a 20hp Honda engine.  Given the size and weight of the boat, the engine is severely under-powered.  With the need to transport our Advanced Class (and occasionally tow boats) to the Great Harbor Dream, a 40hp engine is required.  This additional horsepower will also significantly improve the safety of the program by allowing faster response time and safer handling.

Total tax-deductible donations needed to meet Capital Expenses: $7,000