Located on Little Cranberry Island off the coast of Acadia National Park in Maine, LCYC is a non-profit organization which serves the sailors of the five Cranberry Isles, focusing on teaching boat skills, both through rowing and sailing. We hold classes every summer for seven or eight weeks mainly for juniors, but we invite adults to come for lessons as well. We teach safety on the water with a big emphasis on having fun while learning basic seamanship. As participants become more experienced, they have the opportunity to sail with juniors from area yacht clubs and learn racing skills.

How do we maintain such a program? 
Through generous donations!

We charge fees for our classes, but those fees do not cover all the costs of maintaining this small, non-profit organization. We have eleven sailboats to maintain, as well as a motorboat for our instructors, floats for the boats in the summer and winter storage for the boats in the off-season.  Please be generous with your donation so we can keep teaching our youth who will be the next generation of Cranberry Isles sailors.